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As leaders, we need to be prepared for different games.


As government(s) strive to protect the public and the economy, many different counter comments are being spread throughout the mass and social media. The fact is, the Slovenian government protected us greatly in the first wave. Experts believe we will not face one wave only, though.

In a sports jargon, we hope we are facing a football match with two halves only, however, it might be a hockey game with three periods or even a basketball game with four quarters. As leaders, we need to be prepared for different games. We have a big responsibility for managing the morale, the wellbeing, and the motivation of our employees so we better act on this. By doing that, we need to manage our stress and energy levels to continue to lead effectively, even in these challenging times.

A must-do is to communicate with our employees, our troops. As psychologists point out, in a crisis, human beings need to hear key messages again and again. We are to ensure our organizations survive the crisis in a short term by not forgetting the focus on long-term goals, too. It’s a challenging task, therefore, our first thought in the morning, when brushing our teeth, must be how we can come out stronger and encourage others to be bold.

Let’s take advantage of crisis management as a way to inspire others, even if we are learning as we go. Make your team and your loved ones feel protected as the pandemic and its economic consequences will continue to affect our lives for far longer.


Slovenia, it’s about time to finally unite! Let’s take advantage and get stronger. When, if not now?


Tomaz Lanisek,

Acting President AmCham Slovenia