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I Stand by the Phrase that Every Day that You Don’t Learn Something New, is a Lost Day


How do I know I am a proper bookworm? Because when the weather is bad a sporty person would say: “Oh, what a shame I can’t go outside,” whilst an avid book reader like myself would excitedly say: “Great, it’s raining! I can cozy up under a blanket with a cup of tea and a good book!”

I have always enjoyed reading. I even built my Lego houses with an attached library (I still don’t have one in real life yet, though). Even as a child reading would provide not only a learning opportunity, but would build my imagination, impact my character, and improve my vocabulary and the way I express myself. As I grew older, reading in foreign languages greatly contributed towards my knowledge of English and French and my fluency in speaking them. As I started devouring business literature, the content served to expand my understanding of the business space and unearthed topics great leaders need to be aware of that are not necessarily topics that are taught in schools. And returning to the childhood years – as I read to my daughters, I am increasingly surprised by their out of the box thinking about the stories they hear and their bewilderment – two things adults largely lose in the process of “growing up”.

I stand by the phrase that every day that you don’t learn something new, is a lost day. And much of what I learn is by reading, not only books, also posts, articles, newsletters and in an extended sense: things like webinars, podcasts, and other e-content. The information these days is the most accessible it has ever been and if you do not read, you not only risk of falling behind, you are already behind. I wish I stole more time in the day to read more non-business-related literature and that is one of my reading goals in 2021. What are yours?