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At the Annual Regular General Assembly, which took place virtually this time, we got four new members of the Board of Governors of AmCham Slovenia. Beno Ceglar, Edvard König, Michele Leonardi and Zooullis Mina were elected for a two-year term.

Beno Ceglar, General Manager of NIL d.o.o., Edvard König, founder, R&D, strategist at EKWB d.o.o., and Zooullis Mina, Managing director of Pivovarna Laško Union d.o.o. were elected fort he first time, while Michele Leonardi, Country Leader at IBM Slovenia was elected for his second two-year term. All four received sufficient support from the members of AmCham Slovenia.

In his address to the members of AmCham Slovenia, Beno Ceglar stated that we, as a country, have to seek advantages and come to opportunities hiding in everyday challenges. He said he is looking forward to through cooporation and to finding new solutions and opportunities with the members of the AmCham business community. Edvard König said he wishes that Slovenia had more fast-growing companies and called on them to jump into international markets, to not fear and to not look for perfection. He said: »It’s okay to be perfect enough«.

Michele Leonardi expressed his belief that the business community has to pay the most attention to the people to understand them, see their needs and develop them, as well as to the business partnerships and relationships. He said: »We have to be transparent, fair to our business partners and work ethically«. Zooullis Mina said that the business community in Slovenia is small enough for everyone to know each other while also big enough to leave a mark. »Nourish and preserve this business community in the future and especially check if the bonds can be strenghtened so we can be an even stronger community that will leave a mark in Slovenia,« he said.

Blaž Brodnjak: We connect for the future

At the virtual assembly, members of AmCham Slovenia were addressed by the president of AmCham Slovenia, Blaž Brodnjak. He said he is very happy that AmCham Slovenia succeeded to fulfill its program as it was planned two years ago and introduced numerous new topics. He is the most proud of the AmCham Young Professionals program, where future young leaders are recognized and given an opportunity for personal growth. He emphasized that the main purpose of AmCham Slovenia is connecting. »AmCham is the biggest advocate of this and we will keep fighting for a better future in all the pillars of the society,« he said.

»We will focus our work in in the spirit of the culture of dialogue«

New members of the Board of Gouvernors were congratulated and greeted by the CEO of AmCham Slovenia and vice president of AmChams in Europe, mag. Ajša Vodnik. She thanked the governors Iztok Klančnik, Vanja Hrovat and Vanja Lombar for their commited work and support in their two two-year terms.

»The year that has passed since the last assembly was different and unusual. I am proud and thankful that we lived through it so well as an organisation and I am even more proud and thankful that we were able to do so much good with our members. I am aware that the upcoming year will be difficult and that we will have to emphasize the right subjects and needs of the business community. We will need to introduce the culture of dialogue and we will direct our actions in the spirit of it,« said Ajša Vodnik.