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Teams that boast gender, age and nationality diversity are more creative and better at problem-solving, heard a debate on women in science and technology. The participants said that companies employing a diverse range of staff were also more successful.

The debate, held under the title Science and Technology are Female, focused on women inclusion in science and technology, with the participants noting that such efforts not only supported women but also helped tackle current issues. By excluding women candidates from the get-go, a pool of experts automatically shrinks, Siemens Slovenija director Medeja Lončar said, adding that talent was in short supply nowadays. Teams composed of both men and women are more successful and create a better work environment, said researcher and professor at the Maribor Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Aida Kamišalić Latifić, the 2019 Female Engineer of the Year.

Edita Krajnović, director of marketing agency Mediade, pointed out that role models who walk the talk were key as well as honest displays of opportunities to the young, adding that women technology students accounted for a small share, 8%-9%, not only in Slovenia but also in the US. MSD general director Rina Musić also noted that women still faced challenges, highlighting that family and partner support was crucial.


Source: STA

You can watch the video of the event HERE.