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On behalf of the business community, the members of AmCham Slovenia – which has set itself the guiding principle of a culture of dialogue, we congratulated the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia for taking up an essential role in the development of Slovenia and for the trust awarded by the voters.

Our business community, which generally includes Slovenian and international companies that facilitate jobs with high added value and ESG principles, recognizes key issues for quality of life and business operations: health, knowledge, global competitiveness, sustainability, meritocracy, and transparency. Based on the work of our eight committees, which are the foundation of our advocacy and number more than 320 experts from various fields, the letter presents the key points of our work and a view of the coalition agreement. We welcome the numerous expressions of intent in the coalition agreement. Still, we also highlighted the significant areas that we see as lacking for a development-oriented economy or unclear. Our members, business owners, and companies have pointed out these areas.


The letter also emphasized the importance and desire for an open, cultural, and constructive dialogue between all actors – politics – the coalition, and the opposition -civil society, science, and the economy. Unfortunately, we did not see any mention of the economy as a development partner in the coalition agreement. Still, we were happy to offer a hand in cooperation, as we are aware that without a strong economy, there will be no prosperous society.


The full letter is attached.