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Minimum standards of good conduct in an organization are important both for effective business and for the company as a community of people. The AmCham Corporate Ethics and Transparency Committee is committed to making transparency, compliance and values a core value in business, organizations and government.

To this end, the Committee published a glossary of terms in the field of business ethics and compliance at the AmCham Business Breakfast “ESG: An Imperative or Just Another Buzzword?“, which took place on August 30, 2022, as part of the Bled Strategic Forum (BSF). Read more about the event here.

This glossary provides a brief explanation of the terms most commonly used in the fields of corporate ethics and compliance. We invite you to take a look at the glossary, which you can access here. The AmCham Committee will keep the glossary up to date as needs arise in these areas. In this context, we would also like to ask you to let us know of any suggestions you may have for changes or additions to the glossary.