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In the AmCham YearBook – Power of Relationships 2022/2023, we proudly present our members, proactive projects of AmCham Slovenia and many successfully conducted events that attracted the business community, diplomacy, decision-makers and the media.

Our business community is always united by one big common goal – co-creating a better business and living environment in Slovenia; when on the mission, alliances, friendships, and relationships are formed. As the headquarters of the umbrella organization AmChams in Europe, we spread these values further throughout the network.

Since in the last few years we have witnessed unimaginable situations that require significantly more adaptation and coordination and at the same time represent a moment when the power of relationships shines, in this YearBook we have put the “POWER OF RELATIONSHIPS” in the foreground and set the guideline of our community. Thank you to many of you for leaving your mark in it and to all members for enriching the business community with your knowledge, experience, and personality, thereby contributing to creating an environment that encourages cooperation and connects us as individuals.


Through the YearBook, the AmCham Slovenia business community presents itself to

  • all its members
  • foreign diplomatic representatives in Slovenia
  • the network of 46 AmChams
  • the general international business public, and
  • numerous partners in the United States of America


You can download the yearbook HERE.