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The 10th generation of AmCham Young Professionals got 2 winners in a special TV show hosted at the 10th anniversary of AmCham Young Professionals program. Considering the public opinion, committee and mutual assessments, the title AmCham Top Potential of the Year was awarded to Urška Kajtner and Nina Pejič.


Nina Pejič is a young researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences of University of Ljubljana, director of the Institute of studying gender equality and an entrepreneur. In her presentation, she said that women on leading positions are persistent, achieve high levels of quality and are constantly asking themselves if they are bringing enough to the table. »Sadly, there is fewer women on leading positions than there is people named John in the USA, however it was obvious that countries led by women reacted differently during the coronavirus pandemic,« said Nina and added that leadership of men and women does not need to exclude each other as there is enough room for everyone.

Urška Kajtner, human resources specialist and leader of transformation in a pharmaceutical company Roche, said that she feels her added value in the energy that she never runs out of. She is very active in the charity field and as she said, it is important to be an active member of the society otherwise you are »not living«. »Charity is my food that guides me forward because many people need support and care for another human is my highest value,« she added.

As Urška and Nina received the title they were also given a sculpture shaped like an angel, a work from a sculptor and a painter Mik Simčič, that they will share. At the ceremony, Urška cited vicar Karel Geržan and said that the future stands on »crazy women who are supported by wise men and deliberate husbands«, therefore the future is clear and she is looking forward to the year in which she will share her time with Nina and her knowledge. Nina said that she is also looking forward to sharing her year with Urška’s energy and her ability to do good. »Today we all won,« Nina added.

By becoming AmCham top potentials of the year, Urška Kajtner and Nina Pejič also became the representatives of the young generation and received a yearlong mandate in AmCham Board of Governors.


Five superfinalists ask the right questions

The closing ceremony of the 10th generation of AmCham Young Professionals and the selection of the AmCham Top Potential of the Year 2020 was held in a special TV show that we broadcasted on TV Ljubljana and online as well. Because this year also marks the 10th anniversary of the AmCham Young Professionals program, we looked back at the 10 years of the program with the help of the previous nine AmCham Top Potentials. Five superfinalists answered the questions and faced challenges set by their colleagues from previous generations and answered questions asked by the members of the committee. They also proved that they are just as resourceful on camera as they are in the business world.

5 superfinalists presented themselves and excellently played their role in the studio. These are five individuals that stand out from the average and will become future leaders. Dean Habuš, OptiBar, Nina Pejič, Faculty of social sciences, University of Ljubljana, Urška Kajtner, Roche, Patricija Randl, Pivovarna Laško Union, and Ognen Jakasanovski, Lek presented themselves. All of the 5 superfinalists delivered interesting thoughts about the future of our society, the problems that need to be addressed and values that need to be the driving force of us all.

Other finalists of AmCham Young Professionals program also received recognition awards. These are Primož Flis, Resalta, Tilen Lavrič, S&T Slovenija, Iztok Pavlin, Business Solutions, Urh Šuštar, Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik & partners o.p., and Sara Vehovec, Zavarovalnica Triglav.

The title of the ‘connector’ of the generation was awarded to Patricija Randl, Pivovarna Laško Union. She was chosen by everyone included in the 10th generation of AmCham Young Professionals. Because of her charming personality and excellent hosting skills she was recognized as the crucial link. She also attended most of the formal and less formal gatherings as she organized them herself as well.


You can watch the whole TV show HERE.

You can see the photos of the event HERE.