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In the sign of the renaissance, the 11th generation of the AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM program got a winner. AmCham Top Potential of the Year 2021, chosen by the audience, the commission, and colleagues, is Nina Klemenčič from the company Celtra.

Receiving the title and sculpture in the form of an angel, which is the work of sculptor and painter Miko Simčič and which AmCham top potentials give each other year after year, Nina Klemenčič thanked everyone for their votes. She said that she will do everything in her power to leave a mark, and that she will do her best, that they, as a generation that has practically spent the whole year virtually, will meet in-person as often as possible.

In her presentation on stage, Nina Klemenčič, product manager at Celtra, said that you know a good leader by the way he leads himself. “If you do better every day than the day before, it bears good fruit and sets an example. And then you don’t force people to follow you, but they follow you because they want to, “said Nina, adding that she will try to lead that way herself. Nina is also a passionate traveler. She has visited more than 100 countries around the world. The travels, in her opinion, fed her curiosity and showed her how different people are and how good this diversity can be.

With becoming AmCham Top Potential of the Year, Nina Klemenčič also took a seat on the Board of Governors of AmCham Slovenia for one year, thus becoming a representative of the young generation.

Five super finalists with good ideas and high goals
The closing event of the 11th generation of AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM and the selection of AmCham top potential in 2021 took place on the big stage of SNG Drama Ljubljana. Because the 11th generation of AmCham Young Professionals was unique and different in many ways, the event was marked by the renaissance and everything new that has and will be brought to us by the last year. In their minutes on stage, the five super finalists answered questions and challenges, proving that they do not lack courage and enthusiasm and that all together, they can achieve more than they would otherwise.

All five super finalists, five future business leaders performed on stage and performed their role flawlessly. We were introduced to Nina Klemenčič, Celtra, Dajana Janjatović, Rogl Law Office, Milan Grašič, Knauf Insulation, Tjaša Smrdel, LanguageSitter, and Maja Šipek, CMS REICH-ROHRWIG HAINZ Law Office. All five super finalists give us hope that with the values they believe in, with the credibility they represent, and with the intertwining of knowledge from different fields they share with each other, they will push the boundaries of what is possible.

The awards were also given to other finalists of the AmCham Young Professionals program, namely Boris Rugel, Agilcon, Blaž Preložnik, Euro Plus (NiceLabel), Nebojša Vučković, Law firm Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik & partners op, Dejan Žerdin, PFIZER, Ljubljana branch, and Jan Kuštra, PwC Consulting.