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Tonight was resplendent in all its glory. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of AmCham Slovenia, in the company of current and former presidents of AmCham Slovenia, five superfinalists vying for the title of the AmCham Top Potential of 2024, and members of AmCham Slovenia, we honored the work of one of the most active international business communities in Slovenia. We also toasted the future by announcing the AmCham Top Potential of 2024, which is selected as part of the AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM Program. The title of the AmCham Top Potential of 2024, as chosen by the audience, the jury, and the semi-finalists of the program, was awarded to Urh Kovačič, PsyBit.

For a quarter of a century, AmCham Slovenia’s ambition has been to create a better living and business environment in Slovenia. Over the years, we have launched a range of programs that promote the personal and professional growth of our members and society at large. Here are some of the key milestones:

2010 – Launch of the AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM Program

2011 – Launch of the AmCham Young Leaders Club

2011 – Launch of the AmCham Mentor Program

2011 – First Slovenia Business Bridge

2014 – Best of the Best

2014 – First business delegation to Cleveland, Akron, and Pittsburgh for AmCham Slovenia members

2014 – Launch of the Partnership for Change initiative

2018 – Launch of the AmCham First Mentor Program

2019 – Launch of the “I’m a teacher!” initiative

2024 – One of our most recent and significant milestones, a testament to our business excellence and successful operations, is the election of Ajša Vodnik, MSc, as Chair of AmChams in Europe (ACE).


The evening event celebrated two significant anniversaries—the silver jubilee of AmCham Slovenia and the concluding act of the 14th generation of AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM, a program that has been nurturing talents and supporting the personal and professional development of the next generation of leaders for the last 15 years. We are proud that this year’s YOUng members stand out by their vision, innovation, perseverance in achieving their goals, and leadership by example.

Four superfinalists, young individuals who also stand out from the average and have the “X Factor,” Celina M. Brumec, IBM Slovenia; Rok Travižan, Luna \TBWA; Tea Lobe, SKB Bank; and Ursula Slapnik, NLB, were presented on the stage.

Urh Kovačič’s constant desire to progress and learn has led him to the world of entrepreneurship, which drew him in with the passion and emotions that are intrinsically linked to it. His immense focus, playfulness, and optimism allow him to make the most of his competencies and use them to make the most significant possible contribution to both business and society. He enjoys reading and spending time with people with much more knowledge in certain areas than himself. Sports and board games are indispensable constants in his free time.


Each year, the selected AmCham Top Potential of the Year receives a unique opportunity to train at the Future Leaders Academy program, enabled by our partner the Centre of Business Excellence. The Academy is specifically designed for outstanding individuals to take their competencies for successful leadership and business excellence to an even higher level. The aim of the Academy is to strengthen and improve organizational and leadership skills, learn about global trends, sustainable business, neuromarketing, and innovation and change management. Thank you!