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Kindly invited to join us at the Professional Update on the topic, on 16 March 2012, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., at Hotel Mons, at the Plečnik A Hall, Pot za Brdom 4, Ljubljana.

*Social entrepreneurship is the work of social entrepreneurs. A social entrepreneur recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture to achieve a social change (a social venture). While a business entrepreneur typically measures performance in profit and return, a social entrepreneur focuses on creating social capital. Thus, the main aim of social entrepreneurship is to further social and environmental goals.* (source WIKIPEDIA)

Our guests speakers who will share their views on opportunities and challenges of social entrepreneurship are:


Passionate about convergence between the spheres of knowledge, business and the public good, he created the first university course on social entrepreneurship in Europe, at the University of Geneva, and Europe’s first wealth management philanthropic advisory and knowledge exchange platform, UBS Philanthropy Services and the UBS Philanthropy Forum. He also serves as Founding Faculty in Residence at Ashoka University (USA) and Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Gallen, in Switzerland.

Professor Emeritus DDr MATJAŽ MULEJ,

Systems and Innovation Theory. Author of many publications in world-top journals, a visiting professor at foreign universities: 15 semesters, including Cornell U., Ithaca, NY, and others in Austria, China, Germany, Mexico, USA, about 50 further shorter visits with classes for students around the world. Consultant or speaker in/for enterprises for about 500 times in six countries. Receiver of many rewards for his work on systems approach to innovation.


Dr Lindner is introducing new methods of education either in or outside the classroom in order to inspire and institutionalize social entrepreneurship as a means to achieve effective citizenship for students. Even though methods of entrepreneurship education have existed sporadically in the past, Johannes’ specific focus on social entrepreneurship as a path to effective citizenship is unique. He believes that entrepreneurial skills are essential for educating independent young people and creating active citizens.


Mayor of Škofja Loka. A long-time businessman, also involved in social entrepreneurship for more than 20 years.


As an apprentice, he finished Jamie Oliver’s training program at Fifteen Restaurant and believes it was the best start a young person could have had into the world. “Jamie Oliver is so inspirational with everything he has achieved and keeps coming up with new ideas that most would never have thought of, this really rubbed off on me and made me think that I could also be somebody one day. This was the first thing I had actually completed in my life and it had given me great ambition and an entrepreneurial outlook on life.”

Roundtable will be moderated by Matevž Slokar, young entrepreneur and director and owner of a young and dynamic company Slo-bar, currently employing12 people.

We are inviting you to join the discussion!


AmCham Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility

More info about speakers may be found on www.amcham.si.

RSVP by 14 March at the latest to the following e-mail: office@amcham.si. Number of seats is limited, so first come, first served rule will apply. AmCham members are to be given preference.

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