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Slovenian Healthcare – In What Condition Will It Be after the Pandemic?




  • What kind of healthcare system do we have, and what kind do we want?
  • How do health systems work when there are no wait times?
  • Solidarity, accessibility, and free choice of doctor and institution – illusion or reality?
  • The basis of a transparent healthcare system is data supported by technology – where are the barriers to the digitalization of healthcare?
  • Telemedicine and personalized medicine are not only for the future, they must also be part of today’s excellent care.
  • Patients’ views of the system now and after the pandemic, when the power of the state will only be as strong as its health system.





Keynote listener: the view of the patients will be presented by Ivka Glas, President of the Europacolon Slovenia Association.

The event will be moderated by Vida Dolenc Pogačnik, COO and International Cooperation Leader, AmCham Slovenia.