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Did you know that the older we are, the smaller our brains are? As early as our late 20s, our brain begins to lose its memory and cognitive abilities. How do we keep our brains young and in the best shape possible for as long as we can?

A healthy, vital, and satisfied individual is essential for the development of a quality and sustainable society at all levels. That is why we will dedicate the month of November to our gratitude and vitality at the AmCham Slovenia.

We will focus on our 'mental machine'the brain. An organ that, much like our muscles, needs to be strengthened for vital function at all times. Between poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep, we often leave our brains “on idle mode”; in other words when it comes to our most important organ, we really do either "use it or lose it."


Throughout November you will be able to:

• Follow AmCham Slovenia's social media campaign on interesting facts about our brains,

• Participate in various vitality challenges prepared by AmCham Slovenia,

• Participate in interactive workshops and events on health and vitality,

• Join us for the Thanksgiving Day celebration, November 28, 2019.


Join us and train your brain laugh

More to follow!