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We will discuss what is and what is not a negotiation with a top business leader and negotiator, Dr. Ervin Pfeifer, CEO, and owner of Avanton. Through simulation, we will discover how to handle negotiation as a successful leader's skill.


We will role-play in the simulation and find out, through practical examples, what success is in the negotiations, how to reach the goal in the negotiations, and move on the changes. What are the stages of negotiations from preparation to a conclusion, at what point negotiations have gone in the wrong direction, what negotiation tactics we master, and of which we can still learn the role of non-verbal communication in negotiation and much more. We will discover potentials, hone tactics, and learn from hands-on experience.

You will find an answer to the following questions:

1. How can you achieve your objective in negotiation?

2. What are the traits of a good negotiator and how to become even better?

3. How do negotiation tactics and strategies look in practice?