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On 25th November 2009 AmCham held Business lunch with special guest Prime Minister Borut Pahor. There were more than 150 guests, among them Minister of Economy dr. Matej Lahovnik, Minister of Finance dr. Franc Križanič, 15 ambassadors, and leading Slovenian economists and directors of Slovenian branch offices of the biggest American corporations.

Prime Minister Borut Pahor explained how the year 2009 was extremely difficult and that his government will be directed in more competitive economy.

Executive director of AmCham Ajša Vodnik, MSc addressed the gathered and expressed great content over the active role of members in Committees of AmCham, and that they will soon introduce short concrete proposals of how to decrease the pressure on businesses to Prime Minister Borut Pahor.

The President of AmCham Mr. Tomaž Lovše complimented on Prime Ministers courage and leadership. At the same time he implied on overflow of burdens on companies and he also warned that many great corporations in thinking about moving its regional centres outside the Slovenia. Mr. Matej Potokar, Director of Microsoft Slovenija, which was also the sponsor of the event, and Vice President of AmCham presented the gathered directions of Microsoft Slovenija on their 15th anniversary. At the end he was challenges by the Prime Minister to invite Mr. Bill Gates in Slovenia.