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The topic of Business breakfast held in September 2009 was: Is it Possible to Compare the Work of a Minister and of a Top Manager? The guest of the event was Minister of the Interior Katarina Kresal. Her point of view is, that the minister must also be a manager, because he must be well organized and he must be able to coordinate his staff members.

In her opinion the Ministry of the Interior is crucial for the state. In Slovenia there is still preconception, she says, that we are not all equal in the eyes of law. That is why the Ministry of Interior is trying to prove people wrong.

She also spoke about the national investigation office. She emphasized that it is not Slovenian FBI, but there are some similarities to be found. Bureau will not be independent as is the case of FBI, it will be under jurisdiction of general director of police and it will be composed of detectives and experts from the field of economy ‘’that can, among the other things, read company balance sheets’’. It will be logistically separated from the police and it will have its own administration, because this is the only way in order to its successful functioning.