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E-mobility – An Opportunity for Adriatic Region to Hit the Mobility Highway


E-mobility is on the ride. We invite you for the AmChams’ regional conference “Adriatic e-mobility tour“ in the organization of AmChams Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. How the Adriatic region meets the challenges driven by electrification in transportation? How to build an e-ready infrastructure and how to write e-mobility legislation (E-mobility Act)? How to make electric vehicles accessible and commercialize e-mobility? What are the opportunities to boost e-mobility through Green Deal and green financing? Join us on the ride.






2:00 pm Welcome Address & Introductory Speech


2:15 pm E-mobility Is On The Ride in Adriatic Region


3:00 pm The European Green Deal and E-Mobility


3:45 pm Closing Remarks



 E-mobility Is On The Ride in Adriatic Region


Croatia: Dino Novosel, Global Executive E-Mobility Leader, Hrvatski telekom


Slovenia: Matej Čer, Owner and Founder, Avatcar


Montenegro: Mr. Ahmet Avci, Executive Director/Owner, Venn Tour (Tesla Taxi)



The European Green Deal and E-Mobility


Croatia: Damir Šoštarić, Head of Directorate, Directorate for EU funds and strategic planning, Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure


Slovenia: Darko Trajanov, Director General, Directorate for Sustainable Mobility and Transport Policy, Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia



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Participation is free of charge for AmCham members and guests. Official language is English. The event will be recorded.