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The guest of the 4th AmCham Young Professionals meeting was Mr. Marko Majer from Mayer Mcann d.o.o.. He spoke about the ethics in advertising. There are things that we usually buy, and there are things that give us something more, also on emotional level. Marketing communication is a mean of putting a spotlight on certain product, on point of difference with other similar products, on the reason for purchasing, and on emotional awards that are gained through the purchase of the product. All great international brands must thank advertising for their success.

He mentioned the Code, accepted by SOZ (Slovenska oglaševalska zbornica – Slovenian Advertising Chamber) which represents self-regulation for advertisers and gives them certain guidelines. What is correct and what is not correct. Main principles: legality, decency, integrity, truthfulness. Participants posed few questions regarding the Code. What do these limitations mean for advertisers? Is it true that strong brands want regulation because they limit their competitors? Mr. Majer said that marketing communication adapts to the limitations. Besides, the regulations effect all brands, the only difference is that strong brands feel the effects in long run.

The participants were put to a test. Every group member had 30 second to describe one of their companies sales campaign on which they are proud on. Every group then decided which was the most in the spirit of the lecture and presented it. All presented sales campaigns were well known to all of the participants; their common selling point was emotional effect.