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Our guest will be prof. dr. Matej Tušak, sports psychologist and professor at the Faculty of Sport and the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, with whom we will discuss what we can learn about success, teamwork, communication, motivation, and business overall from sport and sports psychology.


Dr. Matej Tušak works at the Faculty of Sport and Faculty of Arts, where he teaches about psychology and psychology of sports. Occasionally he also teaches at foreign universities in Zagreb, Trieste, Klagenfurt, Mostar, Split, and Sarajevo. Mr. Tušak is also an active member at the Institute of Sport and as a sports psychologist he has participated in numerous European and world championships. At the Olympic Games he was in charge of psychologically preparing athletes for competitions. As an author of various books and more than 300 scientific articles, he combines theory with every day, practical experiences. He lectures on topics of stress, coping with stress, motivation, aggression, personality growth, teamwork, and effective communication.

Matej Tušak transfers knowledge from the world of top sports to companies, individuals and organizations, among which there many who write about their success stories as his athletes.

When and where?

May 7, 2019

5:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.,

Ekonomska fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani, Kardeljeva ploščad 17, Ljubljana.

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