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Open and with arguments about Slovenian healthcare

Join us on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., at

Best Western Premier Hotel Slon, Slovenska cesta 34, Ljubljana.

How much do we know about Slovenian Healthcare? And about what (we) still can't talk rationally?

Financing Slovenian Health, Solidarity and Participation.

Basic and supplementary health insurance. Self-payment.

Organizational Challenges of Slovenian Health.

The position of doctors and keeping up with global trends in medicine.

Our guests will be: 

Aleš Mikeln, President of Management Board at Vzajemna, Mutual Health Insurance Company, 


prof. dr. Samo Zver, MD Ph.D.,  Head of the Clinical Department of Hematology, University Medical Center Ljubljana.


An example of good practice "Treatment of cancer with proton therapy in Slovenia" will be presented by:

prof. dr. Primož Strojan, Ph.D. MD, specialist oncologist-radiotherapist, head of the Proton Therapy Group, Institute of Oncology Ljubljana,


dr. Bozidar Casar, univ. dipl. Phys., Head of the Department of Radiophysics.



View on healthcare as an industry will be presented by Andrej Črepinšek, Co-chair of AmCham Health and Wellbeing Committee.

AmCham Focus will be moderated by Jadranka Jezeršek Turnes, Kontekst, science communication and scientific engagement consultancy, and a member of AmCham Health and Wellbeing Committee.