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AmCham Slovenia, in collaboration with Bled Strategic Forum,

organizes the combo AmCham Business Breakfast

A Collaboration Among Businesses, the State, Civil Society, and Academia as the Right Response to the New Normal.

The event will take place on Monday, August 31, 2020, from 8.00 am to 9.30 am,  live on-site in Bled or the through online platform Zoom. 


Views from the business and investment sectors:

Joe Philipsz, Senior Director, Amber Infrastructure 

Igor Zgrabljić, Government Affairs and Public Policy Manager, CEE, Google

Jan Bervar, Cyber Security Architect, Conscia Group



> Can collaboration be the name of the game in the region and worldwide? What have we learned in the recent health crisis?

>  Scientists have many answers, do we hear them? Do they understand each other?  

> How can we empower successful collaboration among crucial stakeholders? Which countries could be the role models in this?

>  Who should take the lead to encourage collaboration? Business, government, academia, or civil society?

The discussion will be moderated by Ajša Vodnik, MSc, CEO, AmCham Slovenia, Vice-Chair, AmChams in Europe. 


Bled Strategic Forum 2020

This combo AmCham Business Breakfast is part of the Bled Strategic Forum 2020

Challenges and Opportunities in the Post-COVID–19 World

Neighbors – Regions – Global World: Partners or Rivals?


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You can attend the event either live on-site (for a limited number of attendees) or online through the virtual platform Zoom. 

Whatever your choice, confirmation of your attendance is mandatory.


To attend the event on Zoom, please use the registration form below. By registering, you will also receive a virtual ticket to attend all other panels of the Bled Strategic Forum online. 

Please register by Thursday, August 21, 2020, at the latest.  


To attend the event on-site, please register by clicking the button "Registration On-site" below. Due to the limited number of seats, the "first come, first served" rule applies. 

AmCham Slovenia Patron members and AmCham Heroes have priority in attendance. 

By registering, you will also be able to attend the afternoon panels of the Bled Strategic Forum (with the exception of the opening events in Festivalna dvorana). 

Please register by Tuesday, August 18, 2020, at the latest.

The event will be held in English, without translation.