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AmCham Slovenia is organizing AmCham Business Breakfast:

A Changing World: How Do We Feel and Co-create the New Reality?

A panoramic view: What is the role of the individual, business, politics and society in the new world?

Teresa Kennedy, an entrepreneur who understands the importance of mindfulness, stress management and integrative health for an individual's success.

Christel Hofman, an experienced professional in the field of change management, changing the reality of society. Leadership without leaders – reality or illusion?


Prof. Mark V. Vlasic, a Professor of Law, film producer, former soldier and diplomat who has worked for the White House, the Pentagon, the World Bank, the United Nations, and large international law firms. He understands what the new reality means for political and economic organizations.

Slovenes who are creating the new reality

Dr. Aleks Jakulin, a former Professor at Columbia University, doctor of Computer Science, entrepreneur and recipient of the European Association for Artificial Intelligence EurAI 2005 doctoral dissertation award on the topic of artificial intelligence. 


Andrej Pečjak, a Slovenian innovator and visionary in the field of electric mobility.


Dr. Matjaž Humar, a researcher who implanted the first laser inside a human cell as part of his post-PhD studies at Harvard Medical School.


Tim Mitja Žagar, an entrepreneur who is developing blockchain technology and creating the future of the new economy. 


How will the phenomenon of the changing world shift the reality of the individual, business, politics, and society?

How can the gap between reality (awareness) and the near future (the new reality) be bridged?

Are we ready for the challenges of the future? How can we co-create the future rather than just adapt to it?

The challenges of the changing reality and the near future will be addressed by Ajša Vodnik, MS, Executive Director, AmCham Slovenia. 

AmCham Business Breakfast will take place on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. We are proud that it will be held as a part of Business Bled Strategic Forum 2017, which will this year focus on the role of innovation in changing world and new realities.


Due to the partnership nature of the event, the number of seats is limited. AmCham Patron members and those who have received the invitation are on the priority list. If you did not receive the invitation, you can still show your interest by registering. If there are free seats left, we will then confirm your registration.

Participation at AmCham Business Breakfasts

Participation at AmCham Business Breakfasts is free-of-charge for AmCham Members. However, please note that the following rule applies: free-of-charge participation is valid for up to three persons from Patron member category, up to two persons from Corporate category, one person from Entrepreneur category, for non-profit category there is one seat reserved at 5 AmCham Business Breakfast in the current year. For everyone else, it is good for one person. For additional participants/members, the participation fee amounts to a 50% discounted participation fee; i.e. 25 EUR+VAT, whereas for non-members the participation fee amounts to 50 EUR+VAT. Exceptions are Ambassadors, Deputy Chiefs of Mission and Public Administration Employees. Reservation cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the event. Unfortunately, we will have to charge the whole participation fee for no-shows.