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Nobel Prize winner, one of the leading environmentalist and former Vice President of USA, Honorable Mr. Al Gore was invited to come to Ljubljana by Mr. Tomaž Lovše, president of American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia. He is an advocate for issues that we also promote such as the issue on environment, green economy, better and more developed society and also more advanced USA. He is a man, who sees opportunities in times of crisis. And he is also a person with a big personality and even bigger heart. He once again proved that in the humanitarian campaign, organized by Diners Club Slovenia.

The response to our special event has been remarkable. More than 350 guests enjoyed the presentation of Mr. Al Gore. Beside them more than one hundred golden secondary high school graduates, Zois`s scholarship recipients and recently awarded students got a chance to attend the Mr. Gore’s lecture. We are especially grateful to those members, who sponsored the tables for their guests as well as made the event financially sustainable and made possible inviting such a large number of young participants as well as distinguished guests.

We know that we have reached the desired and together with our guest put the most important issues of our time on public agenda. We also noticed that the key opinion makers in Slovenian economic and political environment have started to promote our views even more vigorously. We are also proud that with this event, we have managed to make new business and social contacts.