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Hello, 12th Generation of AmCham Young Professionals,

Our first gathering will launch us right into space. We will be joined by Rebecca Bresnik, professor of space law at the University of Huston, and Randy Bresnik, NASA’s astronaut with Slovenian roots. Each discovery in space represents a mirror to the progress on Earth. Our guests will engage in a conversation about space discovery in theory and practice, what challenges stand before humanity in the race to claim the universe and in opportunities for developing the economy in space, and what international space law has to say about it.





Rebecca Bresnik is a professional and experienced lawyer on the field of space law, international business and international relations. In 2004 she joined the Office of Chief Counsel at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where she was the Associate Chief Counsel for International Matters and the lead attorney for International Space Station.

She received numerous awards for her work which includes the NASA Exceptional Service Medal in years 2014, 2018, 2017.


Randolph James “Randy” Bresnik is an astronaut, marine (pilot and lieutenant USMC – U.S. Marine Corps) and was the Commander of the International Space Station for Expedition 53 in 2017.

With his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, and Master of Science in Aviation Systems and Honorary Doctorate in Aeronautics Randy Bresnik firstly worked in the army as a test pilot and flew combat missions in Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2004 he joined NASA and flew to space twice: first time in 2008 with the American rocket plane Atlantis (STS-129) and the second time in 2017 with the Russian spaceship Sojuz MS-05.

He received numerous awards and acknowledgements for his work.