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Overfished Ocean Strategy Workshop with Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva

We live amidst remarkable transformation. The linear throwaway economy of today – where we extract the resources, process them, use them barely once, and trash them immediately like a cheap plastic fork – is coming to an end. We are, simply put, running out of things to mine and places to trash. Do you happen to be one of millions of managers fighting the ever-growing prices on raw materials, transportation, operations, and more? Welcome to the future!

Overfished Ocean Strategy is for everyone who wants to survive and thrive in this new economy – people who are looking for new solutions to their managerial challenges, entrepreneurs and business leaders eager to protect their companies and get ahead of the wave.

Dr. Zhexembayeva will talk about the new rules of the trade- five essential principles, which are becoming increasingly more important for individuals and companies alike.

Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva is a business owner, author, and educator working at the intersection of innovation, leadership, and sustainable growth. Her recent client engagements include The Coca-Cola Company, ERG (formerly ENRC PLC), Erste Bank, Henkel, Knauf Insulation, and Vienna Insurance Group. She teaches courses at IEDC in leadership, strategy, change management, design thinking, and sustainability.