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Apply your candidates for the
14th generation of AmCham Young Professionals.

It is time for their personal and career growth!



AmCham Young Professionals™ in Your Company


  • Outstanding young professionals aged 25 to 35.
  • Individuals with leadership potential.
  • Individuals who are recognized as business leaders of the next generation.


  • Personal and career growth.
  • Network of 150 individuals and 100 companies.
  • Knowledge, skills, networking.
  • 10 meetings annually, a two-day workshop, and a field trip.



*Applications are open until May 31, 2023.




Terms and conditions

  • The candidates must be proposed by a C-level manager of a company that is a member of AmCham Slovenia.
  • The number of candidates is limited to 150. If the number of candidates exceeds this, then we will only accept the first applicant from each company. In addition, the first come, first served rule applies to all applications.
  • AmCham Heroes members may nominate three candidates to the program, the first two having a guaranteed spot. Patron members may nominate two candidates, the first of which has a guaranteed spot. Corporate members may nominate two candidates. Entrepreneurs and non-profits can nominate one candidate.
  • Five places are available for individuals who are not employed by AmCham Slovenia member companies. The participation fee is €1,000 + the registration fee of €290 (VAT not included). The candidates must send a letter with reasons stating why they are suitable for the AmCham Young Professionals program.
  • Participation in the program is free-of-charge for AmCham Slovenia members. The registration fee is still payable, and may vary between categories.