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Inspired by impressionism, tonight at a colorful closing event, the 13th generation of the AmCham Young Professionals™ program got its ambassador – the AmCham Top Potential of 2023.

The committee, audience, and other finalists decided that the title AmCham Top Potential of 2023 goes to Barbara Kramar, Novartis in Slovenia!

Congrats! We are very much looking forward to cooperation and new energy!

Barbara Kramar, Novartis in Slovenia, is a scientist with a simple mission – to help! At Novartis, she is co-creating a story in the cell and gene therapy sector. Her positive attitude and tenacity make her a natural leader who inspires her colleagues to strive for excellence. In her presentation, she said: “I believe in empathic leadership, transparency, and equality. We have taken many steps in the right direction as a society, but we are far from the finish line. I want to be part of that change.

AmCham Top Potential of 2023 was the final event of the 13th generation of the AmCham Young Professionals™ program. We are proud that the leaders of the next generation, named “Lucky 13”, know how to listen to their surroundings, follow the philosophy of the moment but also have a long-term vision, are intuitive and open to innovation. On the stage of this year’s final event, we highlighted the leadership abilities of five representatives of modern leadership who left their impression on the business world and our business community. During their minutes on stage, they answered questions and challenges and proved that they have youthful drive and vitality and that individuals can move society, but never without a team and community!

We thus got to know the five super-finalists better, five individuals who stand out from the average and have it factor: Barbara Kramar, Novartis in Slovenia; Dara Dobrijević, BE-terna; Nikolaja Frece, A1 Slovenia; Urh Vamberger, Corwin; Žiga Kljun, Kyndryl.

Ajša Vodnik, MSc, CEO of AmCham Slovenia and co-founder of the AmCham YOUng program, stated at today’s announcement: “There are programs, and there is a program that settles in the heart and gives strength, inspiration, and responsibility. For me, such a program is AmCham YOUng, a platform that brings so much beauty. Gratitude, empowerment, and the magic of beautiful human relationships, both for us, AmCham Slovenia, and of course for the participants. The 13th generation of AmCham YOUng Professionals™ taught me that it is always worth building bridges and not walls.”

Each year, AmCham Top Potential of the Year gets a unique opportunity to study at the Future Leaders Academy program, which is donated by our partner the Center of Business Excellence. The Academy is specially designed for outstanding individuals to raise their competencies for successful management and business excellence to an even higher level. The goal of the academy is to strengthen and update organizational and management skills, learn about global trends, sustainable business, neuromarketing, and innovation and change management. Thank you!

Special thank you goes to AmCham Heroes, companies that empower the next generation leaders on the AmCham Young platform to progress and grow.