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The idea for the Partnership for Change emerged during a relaxed conversation, when some young people from the Snowball group had “pizza and beer” with the Minister for Public Administration Boris Koprivnikar. In searching for ways to better connect businesses and government, the idea of exchanging employees in business and the Ministry of Public Administration came up. In June 2015 the pilot project Partnership for Change was begun and 27 employees from 23 companies and the Ministry of Public Administration made the first exchange. Participants succeeded in breaking down some stereotypes already in the first round, above all the one about the “lazy civil servant”.

The Partnership for Change program also received foreign awards. In 2016 the program received the Creative Network Award for best practice from the AmChams in Europe network, which connects 44 countries and 46 AmChams in Europe and Asia. In July 2016 we also participated in the OECD call for applications for innovations in the public sector, which is looking for interesting stories on the global level. Among over 150 applications, we reached the shortlist and presented our program at one of the largest annual government conferences in Dubai. Many countries expressed interest in the program and hope to implement it.

All four challenges solved their tasks in one way or another and reached the solution. Round 6 of the Partnership for Change was also marked by the coronavirus pandemic, which had a considerable effect on practical operations and unfortunately also prevented the employee exchange from taking place. However, the conclusion of Round 6 of the Partnership for Change was part of the global event organized by the OECD entitled “Government After Shock”.