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Medical Assistance Abroad

Vzajemna Tujina: Medical Assistance Abroad

Vzajemna also offers health insurance with medical assistance, which provides beneficiaries with health security when travelling or staying abroad. The VzajemnaTujina health insurance scheme covers the following costs:

– urgent health services;

– urgent transportation to a hospital or a clinic;

– treatment in a hospital or a clinic;

– urgent dental services to stop acute pains;

– transportation of a sick, injured or deceased beneficiary to his country;

– support for relatives of a sick, injured or deceased beneficiary; legal services;

– search and rescue of a beneficiary;

– various other forms of help, in accordance with the insurance conditions.


Darja Šporar Oblak, 01 47 18 764, 031 698 868, darja.sporar-oblak@vzajemna.si