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You are cordially invited to the AmCham Business Breakfast: WHAT DOES THE SLOVENIAN ECONOMY NEED? Dialogue between business representatives and the candidates for the 2022 presidential elections on the business and investment environment in Slovenia

The discussion will focus on topics and current events that are of interest to the Slovenian economy.

  • Geopolitical issues and consequences for Slovenia and its economy.
  • High inflation, conditions in energy markets, and problems in supply chains.
  • Labor shortages and search for the best talents.
  • Opportunities for high-quality and sustainable investments that would mean the development of the country and greater prosperity for all.
Representatives from the business sector will search for answers to this question together with those candidates in the 2022 presidential election that public opinion polls show have the greatest support a week before the event. 

Speakers on the event will be:

Views from the business sector will be presented by:

The discussion will be led by Ajša Vodnik, MSc, CEO, AmCham Slovenia, and Vice-Chair, AmChams in Europe.


The event will be held in Slovenian, with English translation.